. .

2000 Approved by the Mayor’s office,Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Co., Ltd formally established in 2000.


2001 The Generation of BMAC key in 2001.



2002 The Secretary of JiaQinglin and other municipal government leaders inspected Yikatong Card Company, and made important instructions in 2002



2003 Signed Cooperation Agreement with the Beijing MTR Corporation and a number of taxi companies in 2003.



2004 Signed the "Bohai Economic Circle Yikatong Card Interconnection Cooperation Agreement" with Shijiazhuang City of Hebei and Tianjin City respectively in 2004.



2005 The Secretary of Liu Qi, the Mayor of Wang Qishan, and the other municipal government leaders came to company for research and made important instructions in 2005.



2006 Yikatong Card system began full operation in the bus, subway line 1 & 2, and 30,000 taxis in 2006.



2007 8 LianhuaQuik outlets officially accepted the Yikatong card shopping, marking the official launch of the Yikatong Card small consumer project in 2007.



2008 Successful completion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games security tasks in 2008.



2009 Guarantees 60th anniversary Public transportation system’s stable operation in 2009.



2010 The company entered the stage of stable development in 2010.



2011 Received the Payment Business License awarded by The PBC in 2011.



2012 Received ISO 20000 International Authentication in 2012.



2013 Received the Honor of 2011-2012 Beijing Transportation Work Advanced Collective in 2013.



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