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Company Profile:

According to the principles of “Unified Planning, Unified Standard, Unified Making, Unified Issuing and Unified Management” proposed by Golden Card Office of National Information Industry Ministry, “One Card for Multi Purpose, Unified Issuing” proposed by National Construction Ministry, as well as Beijing Mayor’s Office Conference Spirit developed on February 28, 2000, the Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Co., Ltd was established in October, 2000 and the registered capital of 100 million Yuan.



Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Co., Ltd is an enterprise manages the “Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card” smart card’s making, issuing & sale, application, settling accounts and responsible for systematic investment & management, it owns Beijing urban construction IC card key’s management and uses rights, besides the company carries out prepaid card’s issuance and acceptance business in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province after The People’s Bank of China’s permission in 2011.


Yikatong Company, as an electronic payment & settlement service provider in Beijing city, which provides smart card as transactions carrier, fully applied to public transportation, rail transportation within the city and other field of micro-payment transactions, it always been firmly committed to using high-tech means to serve for municipal transport and micro-payment transactions field, promoting city’s information management’s rapid development, serving for capital smart city’s construction. Through ten years’ hard work, Yikatong Company owns sound organizational system, management structure, safe & reliable engine room and operational facilities, also the company has established complete rules & regulations and management mechanism on the basis of modern enterprise’s requirement, what’s more, it possesses a staff team which is highly qualified and responsible.


Company Honors:

IC Registration Certificate awarded by National IC Card Registration Center.

Inclusion of Beijing government Doing Practical Thing for the Public for consecutive years.

(2008)  One of the Key Construction Projects Beijing Olympic Games, got the honor of Olympic Security Advanced Collective.

(2008)  Outstanding Application Achievement Award of National Golden Card Project.

(2009)  Outstanding Application Achievement Award of National Golden Card Project

Independent Innovation Award of Golden Ant Award. 

(December of 2011)  Payment Business License” awarded by The PBC.


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